After-sale protection


We provide you with one-stop quality service from the development of stamping dies to the packaging of metal parts, and provide OEM and ODM professional services according to customer needs,

We are always striving for excellence, starting with every product perspective and looking for the best manufacturing method. Let every customer get satisfactory solutions and products。

our service

  • Mold and stamping parts selection

    According to the number of customers' injection molding products, product precision requirements, performance requirements for stamping dies and product project budgets, the material of the stamping parts is selected according to the performance requirements, processing technology and field of use of the stamping parts. Accurate, refined, and high quality, ensuring material compliance。
  • Stamping die product design service

    We can carry out in-depth analysis according to the customer's drawings or samples, and the molds and engineers propose the processing plan, and fully discuss with the customer, closely combined with the customer's needs。
  • Mold design, repair, maintenance

    On the basis of traditional mold design, continue to strengthen the digital design of the mold, fully apply digital design tools, improve the quality of mold design, and simplify the mold design process. Regularly arrange personnel inspections on the customer's molds, and carry out timely maintenance to ensure the best service life。
  • Stamping process optimization

    Shorten the stamping processing cycle and pursue zero scrap rate

  • Customized packaging process

    Packed according to customer's specific requirements

  • Logistics transportation in the city

    Excellent geographical location, developed transportation, close to Kunshan Suzhou, convenient logistics