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Zhejiang yiji mould co. LTD (formerly known as Shanghai yiji mould co., LTD.) is located at no. 36 caibao road, jianshan new district, haining city. Superior geographical location, convenient transportation. The enterprise is a set of casting, (domestic advanced vacuum dredging technology) mechanical processing, the whole sequence of automobile mold design and production in one integrated enterprise。

Zhejiang yiji mould co. LTD Since its establishment, has been with saic, Lear, Johnson controls, quanxing in hainan, hainan Wan Xing wei chang, nanjing, chengdu, wuhan, chongqing station xing, changchun faw, Wan Xing wooden bridge, wuhan east, faurecia bridgestone, guangzhou, chengdu Toyota spinning, chery, Shanghai China, Russia, Poland and other auto parts manufacturers at home and abroad. Now the annual factory value reaches 20 million。

The product has been recognized and praised by users for a long time。

Haining yiji mould co., LTD has more than 80 employees, with advanced CNC processing equipment, domestic large engraving machine, large universal milling machine, general milling machine, lathe, internal and external cylindrical grinder, large radial drill, argon arc welding and other general machine tools. It can produce about 800 sets of auto foam mould, vacuum blister mould, sunshade welding mould and all kinds of non-standard tooling mould and gages every year. Main products include dashboard vacuum suction plastic and foaming mould, car seat foam mold, EPP foam mold, shading mode, stalls handball foam, foam mold, PU insulator steering wheel mold, mold, carpet car roof mould, jig and fixture, IL104 cast aluminum parts and all kinds of mechanical processing products is the introduction of Japan's Toyota manufacturing technology, combined with Europe and the United States of the original mould manufacturing technology, mould reach the advanced level at home and abroad now. The enterprise has 5 senior division, 6 engineers, senior technicians and 8 technicians, production, technical strength. Office space of more than 1000 square meters, mechanical processing workshop of more than 8000 square meters, from mold product scanning, modeling, process arrangement, programming, until CNC processing, fitter assembly is completed. Development, design and manufacture of welding fixture and fixture. Now with Japan santuo company technical cooperation, comprehensive development of automotive interior equipment and mold. In order to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality, our company strictly adopts GB standard and iso9001-2000 standard in product quality inspection.

Company prospects

Company prospects

In 2018, our company will move into the new site, located at No. 36, Caibao Road, Jianshan New District, Haining, Zhejiang. It is a world-famous land, Jinyong's hometown, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. There is Qiantang River in front of the factory building, there is Jianshan Golf Course in the back, Donghai is on the left, and Jiashao Bridge exit is about 2 kilometers on the right

50 minutes from Hangzhou Airport, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 2 hours from Shanghai Pudong Airport and 40 minutes from Jiaxing High Speed Rail. The local government deliberately opened a Jiaxing high-speed rail bus for enterprises。The new factory covers an area of 17,000 square meters, and the plant area is more than 15,000 square meters. After moving into the new factory, our company will strengthen the improvement in all aspects, increase the advanced hardware facilities, improve the business philosophy, strengthen the mold quality, increase the mold output, and fully implement 6S. Management, specifically:

The new plant has a reasonable

plant design plan

Avoiding problems and deficiencies

in production over the years

Introducing advanced automated

casting equipment,Improve casting

quality and quality,Reduce labor 

costs and increase casting output。 

10 CNC machine tools added in 

early 2018 Plan to add CNC within

two to three yearsMachinetools 

from 30 to 40。

Increase technical workers in 

various technical departments,

Strive to achieve quality, quantity, 

and delivery period。

Company purpose


  • The company strictly implements the ISO9001-2000 quality assurance system and standardizes the implementation of the user's technical agreement, so that the user's product performance and quality are reliably guaranteed。
  • “Meticulous design, precision manufacturing, excellence” is the product quality policy that the company regards as life。
  • Integrity, hospitality, quality first, customer first is our company's policy!
  • We are willing to serve you with exquisite technology, and work with you to create a better future!

Development path

development course



Building No. 3, No. 121, Pengfeng Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. The company has 5 employees, mainly based on car seat foaming molds。



In the face of the financial crisis, the company faced the same crisis as other companies. Through the continuous efforts of all employees of Yiji, in 2009, it began to turn to safety in September of the second half of the year. Yiji’s after-sales service and mold quality were recognized by customers. With your own efforts, the company has achieved certain development。



In 2009, through cooperation with Japan's three extension companies, it has achieved rapid development.。



In June 2011, as the company continued to grow, it should be moved to No. 858, Siyi Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. The number of employees has risen to more than 60, and the annual production mold is about 400. It has advanced CNC machining center 6 Taiwan, large engraving machine, large universal milling machine, ordinary milling machine, lathe, internal and external cylindrical grinding machine, large rocker drill, argon arc welding and other general machine tools, one coordinate measuring instrument. From the original foam mold production to tooling fixtures, fixtures, fixtures, assembly lines, and various types of mechanical processing products. Through several years of development, the annual production of molds is around 600。



In 2014, the company's leaders conducted in-depth investigations and studies on various aspects. Under the continuous efforts of Yiji employees, the production process was improved. At the end of 2014, a good prototype was finally produced. The current casting process can produce mold skin texture. Provided a good foundation for subsequent development。



After being introduced into production in 2015, it has been well received by domestic and foreign customers. Now we are confident that we can achieve the extremely high level of domestic foam through the efforts of this decade. I am also very grateful to the customer for giving a very good platform to Yiji, which provides the basis for the subsequent development of Yiji. Yiji follow-up will better provide customers with quality service。


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