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Yiji Mould

Zhejiang yiji mould co., LTD. (formerly known as Shanghai yiji mould co., LTD.) is located at no. 36 caibao road, jianshan new district, haining city. Superior geographical location, convenient transportation. The enterprise is a set of casting, (domestic advanced vacuum dredging technology) mechanical processing, the whole sequence of automobile mold design and production in one integrated enterprise。


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Product series


The main products are instrument panel vacuum blister and foaming mould, car seat foaming mould, EPP foaming mould, sunshade mould, gear handball foaming, PU soundproofing foaming mould, steering wheel mould, carpet mould, car roof mould, Fixtures and inspection tools, IL104 cast aluminum parts and various types of machining。

Technical support

Technical Support

The company now has 22 advanced CNC machining centers, large-scale engraving machine, large universal milling machine, ordinary milling machine, lathe inner and outer round grinding, large radial arm drilling, argon arc welding and other general machine tool 3D scanner, one coordinate measuring instrument.。